Mikulas, co-founder

The one, who has the wings.
The one who may fulfil your hidden desires.

The one who see the things different

Lenka, co-founder

The one, who graduated with honors, as a best student of the generation.
The one who supports us, with the feet on the ground,
The one who is responsible for fulfilment of our homework. 


Mikulas and Lenka got married in 2003 and they have 3 beloved children.

The team

The one who also is a specialist and ready to give any advice.
The one who owns multiple devices for testing
The one who lives behind the Great Wall of China and he is ready to test over there.
And as many external co-workers as we may need for the particular project.

Mikulas has spent quite much time at Google Campus London and he took the chance to learn how it’s going on the market today.

He likes to work besides the other creatives, he loves the through-arm work learning. He also visited countless courses and meetups aimed at the business, technology and soft-skills.

His first website he built in 2003.

For six years he was employed at two respected IT companies.

Since 2010, he makes an own business.

Visit the personal site www.stec.sk